The Thai Sommelier Affair 2019 Wine Exhibition

Last May 11th, Vincent Sung – Editor-at-Large at SOOLCOREE, attended The Thai Sommelier Affair 2019 Wine Exhibition in Bangkok to meet boutique wine importer and tried over 100+ different wines from all over the world. Handpicked by the best Thai-based sommelier, it was a grandiose ‘affair’ with lots of surprises tasting in a fun and casual atmosphere. Held at Gaysorn Urban Resort, it was the second event organized by Riedel at this prestigious new event space in Gaysorn Tower.


Thailand’s finest come together to light up an evening filled with the world’s most desired wines in the highly anticipated “The Thai Sommelier Affair 2019”.

What is The Thai Sommelier Affair 2019?
A fantastic wine exhibition led by the country’s leading Thai Sommeliers, the Thai Sommelier Affair 2019 features over 200 different wine labels brought to you by 20 of Thailand’s leading wine suppliers in the heart of the city at the Gaysorn Urban Resort. Going strong into its 2nd year, this sophomoric effort surpasses previous efforts with bigger, better and more exciting wines, wisdom and traditions.

Experts in different F&B industries from leading luxury hotels and restaurants in Bangkok come together to share knowledge, appreciation, and passion about the world of wine. Discover the newest trends in organic and biodynamic wines, unique grape varietals, and get up close and personal with popular artisanal wines.

The Thai Sommelier Affair 2019 Concept
This wine event of the year is a high impact exhibition showcasing wines and wine products from around the world in an iconic Bangkok venue. With an emphasis on the featured 200+ labels, wines are separated into 4 different categories. Exhibition-goers can enjoy the freedom to move about the entire space to sample the many offerings of each wine supplier.
On hand are the dedicated hosts—10 Thai Sommeliers or “Masterminds” of the event to offer their own personal wine commentary to teach, inspire and entertain the evening’s guests.

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