A new era for Korean Sool, Food and Culture for the international audience

April 2019, a new media group started in Seoul with both online and offline publication: SOOLCOREE.

Our motto is: ‘Sool is Art. Enjoy with Respect!

SoolCoree is the only bilingual contents provider and quarterly magazine which was launched in order to serve the global audience who is hunger for Korean drinks, foods, culture, fashion and more, both in English and in Korean. SoolCoree is distributed worldwide at major trade fairs, bookstores and at selected restaurants, hotels and resorts.

Joanne Lee, Founder



North Korean Sool Unveiled: Daepyeong gokju since 1819

Writer Mi-jin Kang –

Sool – the Korean word describing a wide variety of traditional alcohols from the Korean peninsula – can be found in Korea at most events and celebrations across the land and shared with loved ones and strangers alike. Sool also plays a significant role between Korea and other nations, it is difficult to imagine a banquet for heads of states without a toast.

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CDY – Weaving Life’s Stories into Fashion

Writer Seung-hee Goh / Photograph Hyung-in Park –

This small studio is the biggest bag that CDY (Creation club of Korean National University of Arts) – comprising of Hyuk Yoon, Dong-Hoon Yoo, and So-Hyun Kim – has in its collection. Located in Yaksu-dong, Seoul, CDY has filled its small abode with over 6 years of memories in the creation of its fashion enterprise. Starting in 2013, they began making bags as art students: “It was kind of rebellion at first. We started it to get out of the school’s rigid atmosphere. For us, a bag is a space, a room. It was the most private space we could afford and have to ourselves back then,” says Hyuk.

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The Global Rise Of Soju

Writer Phoebe Taylor / Photograph Hyung-In Park, Tom Studio

Once barely-known outside its region of production, soju – a clear, strong spirit hailing from the Korean peninsula – has become a global phenomenon. Hite Jinro became the best-selling spirit brand in the world in 2016 and remained so throughout 2017 when it sold 683 million liters of soju. With a market share so vast, there’s plenty of diversity within soju production. The drink is also poised to shift dramatically in the next few years – mostly consumed as an inexpensive express ticket towards inebriation, soju is on the verge of becoming the next big thing in the premium drinks industry. Increasingly discerning consumers are seeking out higher-quality versions and many premium manufacturers have gone back to traditional ingredients (as opposed to the artificial sweeteners and additives found in cheaper sojus) whilst bartenders all over the world are becoming aware of soju’s many charms. With the hugely popular hallyu (‘Korean Wave’) driving interest in Korean culture worldwide, the drink’s meteoric rise shows no sign of abating.


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